Everyone knows Dubrovnik as King's Landing, but this ancient city of wonder has so much to offer kids.

It is a real castle whose walls you can climb, cannons you can touch, and hear the pirates and invading armies.

Once a glorious city fort of the Republic of Ragusa, is now a magical UNESCO-protected Old Town with hidden beaches right under the city walls, nearby subtropical islands with castles, and fresh, locally produced food and wines offer lots of excitement for the entire family.


Family fun in the Old Town of Dubrovnik

Where adults see an ancient town-fort full of history, kids see a castle to explore, climb and conquer. This makes Dubrovnik incredibly fun for families.



Where else can you see the exact Game of Thrones locations, dragon-themed stores, other fantasy-inspired experiences, fascinating historical sites, and stories about pirates?

Here is our TOP 5 list of family-friendly fun in Dubrovnik and its surroundings.


Explore the Castle-Like Old Town

The medieval fort with centuries-old buildings, narrow streets, and alleys, all in sturdy white stone, is a dream playground. You can see different aspects of Dubrovnik's history during a walk, or climb the walls to discover magnificent vistas, towers, and cannons. How often can kids wander through an actual castle fort? There might be dragons here.

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Old Town


Set sail on a Pirate Ship

As you walk the walls, you will see an archipelago in the distance - The Elaphiti, where the noble families of Dubrovnik built their summer houses, and is still a magical and quiet place that is ideal for a day trip.

Sail the crystal-clear waters toward secluded beaches onboard a traditional 15th-century sailing ship from Dubrovnik – Karaka.

Is that a pirate up there on the mast? Areeee, you the pirates?

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Pirate Ship


Dive into Dubrovnik Aquarium

Suppose your kids love animals and are curious about underwater life. Why not take them for a “dive” in the Aquarium. They will meet all kinds of Adriatic fish, crabs, and other animals and plants living in the sea face to face. Consisting of 31 seawater tanks, the Aquarium is a great experience and outing for the whole family.



Pet bunnies on the island of Lokrum

Wander around the peaceful botanical gardens, where tame and friendly peacocks and bunnies roam free, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the minor, verdant island of Lokrum, at just a 15-minute boat ride from the Old Town. The secluded stony beaches and shaded groves are ideal for picnics.

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Discover Maro World

Have a great time in our newly opened children, and family-friendly fun area with:

● A soft play structure over two floors

● An adrenaline zone with trampolines and other exciting equipment

● A gamer's lounge

● A children's cinema and theatre with different shows every day

● Maro Clubs, where your kids aged from 0 to 12 can have a day filled with fun activities

● A Smart Play area with six interactive and collaborative games that inspire creativity and collaboration

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Maro World



Suppose your adventurous spirit wants to explore all the nearby beaches. In that case, there are plenty around the Babin Kuk area, up and down the coast.

Take your pick around Dubrovnik - and Du it all.

Pebble beach


Just outside the city walls lies the hidden pebble beach of Šulić (aka Kolorina), featured in the TV series - Game of Thrones. The beach offers a beautiful view of the sea, Lovrijenac Tower, which rises on the eastern side of the cove, and Gradac Park on top of the cliffs on the western side. You can rent a kayak on the beach to see the Old Town from the sea, or even paddle to Lokrum.

In the cove of Kolorina, just outside the city walls

beach image

Sand & pebble


At around 1 km south of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, under the church of St. James (Sv. Jakov), lies a popular sand and pebble beach. To reach this beach, you have to brave some steep steps to go down, and once at the bottom, you can rent a sun lounger and umbrella. The views of the Old Town and the island of Lokrum are magical, especially from the beach bar.

Under the church of St. James (Sv. Jakov), 1 km south of the Old Town of Dubrovnik

beach image

Island beach


On the island of Lokrum, you will find attractive rocky beaches next to a UNESCO-protected forest, a botanical garden, peacocks, rabbits, and other attractions. You can jump off the rocks, explore the 'Dead Sea' (a salty lake that joins the sea) with your kids, or swim at the best nudist beach in the world, according to My Dating Advisor.

Island of Lokrum, 10 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik's old town harbor

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